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Solaris International Products

Solaris International

Category: Doors - Exterior
Subcategory: Patio, Patio-Sliding
Material: Vinyl

The Elegancia patio door, manufactured by Solaris, is a product of the highest quality, resulting from unprecedented research and development efforts.

Category: Windows & Skylights
Subcategory: Awning
Material: Vinyl

The vinyl awning windows are a top-hinged window system that swings outward to offer ventilation even on rainy days.

Subcategory: Casement
Material: Vinyl

The casement windows are an ideal choice for maximum daylight opening and ventilation.

Subcategory: Double Hung
Material: Vinyl

The double hung windows feature a top and bottom sash that opens to provide the ventilation you desire and that tilt in for easy cleaning.

Subcategory: Sliding Horizontal
Material: Vinyl

The horizontal slider windows allow ventilation for the full height of the window.